Inside my bubble…

If you pay attention to the world beyond you, you are inundated with news of war and violence, poverty and disease.  For decades we’ve been throwing money at “cures” and “aid” but the problems never seem to get resolved, they only get worse.  We hear about how we are wasting our resources, that everything is in such short supply, and we throw money at solutions that never come.  We allow ourselves to get mired in this never ending loop of despair, we talk about it to our friends and family, and then suddenly we wonder why it’s happening to us? 

Gina's Bubble of IntentionMy husband says I live in a bubble as I refuse to watch the news, mute pharmaceutical commercials and rarely engage in conversations on the problems our world faces.  Call it radical thinking but I believe that constant inundation of bad news makes the bad grow exponentially.  If everyone on the planet is giving their attention to the bad how can there ever possibly be any good?

Perhaps it’s too simple to say “just tune it out”, but that’s what I do, I refuse to give attention to any negativity.  If someone or something tries to force negativity in my path I look at it head on and tell myself “that is not my reality”, I may allow myself to feel empathy for a moment, but I remind myself “that is not my reality”.

I’m constantly, and selfishly, checking in with my thoughts, making sure that they are focused on the reality I wish to live.  If I find negativity lingering anywhere I have ways to remove it.  Quieting the mind, finding things to be grateful for, and giving attention to my goals.  Recently I found a new technique called segmenting that has me stopping at intervals to predetermine how the next part of my day will go.  Getting in my car?  I pause to focus on a safe and easy drive.  Going to business meeting?  I pause to focus on it being positive and productive.  Going to the store?  I pause to focus on getting exactly what I want and even getting it for a good price.

Am I micromanaging my thoughts?  Yes, because it is so easy to default to negative beliefs, to quickly jump on the idea that something isn’t going to go my way.  As soon as I jump on that thought worry and nerves take over and the negative thoughts grow and multiple…and really how is the good supposed to get through all that negative crap?

Take a day to look at your thoughts, how many times do you think something negative about yourself or a situation you are in and then give that little self depreciating laugh…”oh isn’t that just my bad luck” or “it never fails”…consider how many times you go forward believing that the outcome will be negative?

How can you be at all surprised when it is?

~ Gina

Disclaimer:  My writing is an expression of my beliefs, an attempt to organize the jumble in my head and I am in no way trying to push my beliefs on anyone.  I do not transfer these beliefs onto my husband, despite the blog name being Gina and Wes, I speak only for myself.  Whether you believe as I do, or are on your own discovery journey, or think I’m bat shit crazy…it’s all good, here in my corner of the internet you are free to be who you wish to be. 

Kari Hofmann

I’ve said these very same things so many times in my life!!! I’m so glad to find other people who feel the same way! Sending you a FB friend request! I don’t mind expanding my virtual bubble to people who think the same way I do!!!

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