Not Quite Chicken & Dumplings

My husband isn’t a fan of the dumpling part of chicken and dumplings.  Something about them cooking in the broth just doesn’t appeal to him so last night I made the same chicken and replaced the dumplings with baked biscuits.


10 chicken thighs, chopped into bite size pieces
1 small onion, diced
3 gloves of garlic, diced
California blend frozen veggies (or whatever veggies you like)
3 small potatoes, chopped small
1 small can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom (Low Sodium)
1 small can Campbell’s Cream of Celery (Low Sodium)
1 to 2 rolls of flaky dinner rolls
Adobo seasoning (no pepper)
Black Pepper
Italian Seasoning
Canola Oil

Yields:  2 full meals for a family of 4, plus 2 lunches


In a dutch oven (or any deep pot) heat just enough oil to coat the bottom, then toss in the diced onion and season with a little Adobo and pepper.  Stirring occasionally, let them sweat out for 5 minutes then add your garlic.  You only need to cook the garlic a couple of minutes before you dump in the chicken, don’t let it burn.  Once you’ve got the chicken in re-season with a little Adobo and pepper and give it all a nice stir.

I waited about 5 minutes, stirring a few times, just until I started seeing some color on the chicken before I added in my potatoes and frozen veggies.  Re-season with a little Adobo and pepper, mix well.

Add in the two cans of soup and one to two cans of water (1 can = thicker, 2 cans = thinner/soupier).  Neither will be very thick so you can add the thickening agent of your choice, I simply chose to leave out any extra calories.

I let this simmer away for an hour, stirring occasionally, before I made my flaky biscuits (store bought roll) according to the package instructions.  *Then serve it by opening two biscuits on a plate and scooping the chicken, veggies and broth right on top.

*Set aside just about half to cool and freeze, for a quick prepared meal next week.  The remainder will give your family of 4 each two servings, plus 2 next day lunches.*

Another freezer idea that I haven’t tried yet:  portion it off into individual freezer-to-microwave safe containers for grab and go meals if your household is on different schedules, or like me you are simple meal solutions you can make in advance.


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